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7/6/2020, Edmonton, Alberta
Oaklu Announces the Construction of “The Oaklu Alliance™”.


Oaklu, developer of large-scale global projects, announced today that it has officially formed an alliance with the select group of companies in all areas of construction and support facilities.

Members of the Alliance bring a broad range of resources, a strong distribution network, specialist employees, financial support including USD $2.5 trillion in assets, and the world’s largest project preparation fund for infrastructure and development.

The Oaklu Alliance provides the means for continued growth for all of its members, including specialized staff, advanced technology and financial support.

The Alliance brings more capacity, increased technical expertise, and greater access to established markets and distribution channels. With the common goal of scalable growth through the development of new technology and products, they have opened the door to additional categories, and expansion into additional geographic markets.

“The world’s largest megaprojects have a long-lasting impact on the economy, environment, and society. They are extremely complex and require multi-billion dollar investments.” Said Morgan Reynolds, president of Oaklu. “The Oaklu Alliance has the technical expertise, track record, and funding to bring a broad range of large-scale facilities, in public and private sectors, to all corners of the world.”

The Oaklu Alliance is a cohesive team of renowned construction specialists who have joined together to build a better world. Oaklu is a fast-moving, large-scale development corporation and creator of Turnkey Hospital™ – their permanent medical facilities can be quickly and economically constructed in both accessible and remote locations anywhere in the world.

About Oaklu:
With offices in Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver and Edmonton, Oaklu is a fast-growing, global, large-scale developer. The firm is known for its well-designed, high-quality residential, commercial and public structures. It is currently developing two major projects, “Ember Gold,” a unique collection of architectural icons, and accepting contracts to build self-contained, ready-to-move-in Turnkey Hospital™ installations – a new category originated by the company. Oaklu is finalizing plans to build hundreds of Turnkey Hospital units in the in the US and underserved countries around the world.

6/30/2020, Edmonton, Alberta
OAKLU Turnkey Hospital™ Just Keeps Building.


Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu, announced today that he has appointed Allen Kay, creator of “If you see something say something” and many other well-known advertising campaigns, as Creative Advisor. In addition to Rich Lofgren – advisor to Kevin Harrington of the original Shark Tank, as Technical Advisor.

Allen Kay, CEO of The Advertising Company in New York City and Richard Lofgren who works with Allen on special projects have been working with Mr. Reynolds on the branding of Turnkey Hospital – creating a new category in global construction.

The idea was conceived and developed by Mr. Reynolds, and branded “Turnkey Hospital” by Mr.Kay.

The fully-equipped facility can include: A Turnkey Flat™ (staff residence), hospital furniture & state-of-the-art technical equipment, a medical gases production facility, negative air pressure isolation rooms, sewage treatment and off-grid solar plant. As well as infrastructure-free drinking water, all clinical services, complete hospital and facility management, personnel, recruitment, official vehicles, cloud-connected ambulances, medivac helicopters and a mortuary.

The Oaklu Turnkey Hospital sets new standards in providing excellent, accessible healthcare.

“Oaklu is delighted and very proud to have both Allen Kay and Richard Lofgren on board.” said Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu.

About Oaklu:
With offices in Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver and Edmonton, Oaklu is a fast-growing, global, large-scale developer. The firm is known for its well-designed, high-quality residential, commercial and public structures. It is currently developing two largescale projects, “Ember Gold,” a unique collection of architectural icons, and accepting contracts to build self-contained, ready-tomove-in Turnkey Hospital installations in several countries. A new category originated by the company. Oaklu is finalizing plans to build hundreds of Turnkey Hospital units in the US and underserved nations around the world.

About The Advertising Company:
Founded by Allen Kay in January, 2014, The Advertising Company has been positioning and creating effective advertising for large, medium, and small companies ever since. Having worked closely for many years with clients such as Xerox, Virgin Atlantic, Honda, Turner Broadcasting, Comedy central, Wynn Resorts, the MTA, The Port Authority of NY & NJ, and many more, Allen’s Iconic branding has helped make them household names. Microsite:

About Richard Lofgren:
Along with being advisor to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Mr. Lofgren has extensive experience advising leading companies in the medical equipment and energy sectors. He has worked with global corporations and public organizations including Bechtel, Stone & Webster and the U.S Department of Energy.

6/19/2020, Edmonton, Alberta
Oaklu announces new hires amid international expansion.


Alberta, Canada – Oaklu, with its innovative 30-90 day permanent Turnkey Hospital™ developments, continues its international expansion with five new international Government Liaisons and a spokesperson. This continues the organization’s coverage, development, and support across North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

Carlos Olamendi - Government Liaison, Mexico & Latin America
With international trade expertise and a law degree from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Carlos’ experience includes negotiating NAFTA with the Government of Mexico; developing immigration policies for President George W. Bush; and being the economic advisor to the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Carlos will be assisting Oaklu as the main advisor throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Michael Couch, MSc. - Government Liaison, Asia-Pacific
Michael Couch is Oaklu’s lead representative for the Asia-Pacific, developing opportunities across all sectors. A former public servant, Michael was a Senior Trade and Investment Officer with Alberta’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Having spent the last 15 years between Japan and North America, Michael is passionate about Asia-Pacific markets and has a deep understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Michael’s skill set compliments his expertise in business and economic development with over a decade of experience in research, coordination and policy analysis, reviewing complex government regulatory processes, in addition to project management and delivery of complex international initiatives.

Anthony Awasom - Government Liaison, Sub Saharan Africa
Experienced in international business development, marketing management, and connecting businesses to opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa. Anthony is an advocate of economically viable projects for Africa that are renewable, regenerative, responsible, and sustainable. Anthony will be assisting Oaklu in navigating various levels of government throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

Yanik Ethier, CHPC - Spokesperson
Yanik’s work in the film and television industry spans well over a decade. He’s most recently been featured in Sony Pictures’ The Walk, on the CW Network’s hit tv show Arrow and on The History Channel’s Project Blue Book. His unique expertise as an actor, high performance coach, speaker, and brand storyteller helped shape his passion for creativity and psychology. Yanik will be assisting Oaklu as their spokesperson where his talent for writing and public speaking will be of service to a greater cause.

Manuel Flores - Government Liaison, Mexico & Latin America
Manuel is an attorney at law, with a masters degree in legal business and taxes. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana Golfo Centro and he’s been practicing law in Mexico & Latin America since 1997. He is the CEO & Director of B&F Abogados, a legal firm established in 2000 in Puebla, Mexico.

Ben-David Nir - Government Liaison, Europe and Middle-East
Ben-David is an entrepreneur and professional strategic planner who turns visions into results. He graduated from the Canadian Armed Forces’ National Security Programme (NSP) and holds an additional Magna Cum Laude MA in National Security Studies from Haifa University in Israel. Ben-David is an expert in complex operations management with 28 years of leadership, commanding, and management roles in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). After serving on the front end of the Military he pivoted to the front end of the business sector. He is Founder & CEO at ICaN (Israel-Canada Strategic Networking): A Bilateral Impact Bridge.

“Congratulations on joining the team; on behalf of all of us at Oaklu, welcome aboard!”

4/20/2020, Edmonton, Alberta
Innovative ‘Quick-Deploy Hospitals and Social Housing Solution’ in response to the Covid-19 hospital bed shortage.


Oaklu today announced the launch of a new range of permanent and temporary hospital solutions available globally, that may also be converted into social housing – supporting post Covid-19 demands.

Whether 80 or 800 room facilities are required, Oaklu’s customized solutions are securely constructed from 12 different, pre-fabricated configurations that can be deployed in 30 to 90 days almost anywhere in the world.

The Reynolds Quick Deploy System is a proprietary logistics management system to ensure high-quality construction in a compressed timeframe. Also, Oaklu has options to leverage global funding sources and private capital entities to provide a global financing solution to local governments.

The result? A superior solution that ensures the highest patient care today, while staying at the forefront of communities’ future demands. “Our teams have done an outstanding job developing a range of superior solutions to meet the immediate global need for hospital beds and Covid-19 treatment facilities. With our passion for construction and humanitarianism we seek to alleviate suffering and save lives.” said Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu.

In the coming weeks, Oaklu will start rolling out these quick deploy hospitals in several markets across North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and around the world. “Today’s announcement further extends the global reach of Oaklu’s brand as we expand into new markets in hopes of making a difference.”

The new range of quick deploy hospitals include all equipment and fit-out for a turn-key solution. The manufacturing of the pre-fabricated units create very little waste during production and promotes sustainable construction practices as well.

Oaklu endeavours to build a better tomorrow.


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