Oaklu Alliance

The Oaklu Alliance is a group of like-minded companies who have come together to construct Oaklu Hospitals of the highest quality, faster and more economically feasible by combining their specialities.

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Member directory

Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway
world’s largest flooring manufacturer.

International distributor of truly automatic UVD ultra-violet disinfection robots.

Global Furniture Group
North American leader in office furniture.

Alpha Mead Group
Leading healthcare management services provider in 10+ countries.

Allwest Furnishings
Western Canada industry leader in office furnishings.

Zero Mass Water
Source Hydro Panel infrastructure free drinking water solution.

Renova Energy
Renewable energy infrastructure design, construction, and engineering.

Ante Global Solutions
Provides specialized security services globally.

Old Park Engineering Services
L.P.G. bulk storage and distribution specialists.

The Lombard Group
Affordable housing solutions for the developing world.

Mopec Europe
Anatomy, autopsy, and pathology equipment and supplies.

“It is in Oaklu’s DNA to positively contribute to society in any way possible. We are both humbled and excited to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.”