Oaklu Hospital

Responsive. Innovative. Convertible.

Whether requiring an 80 room or 800 room facility, Oaklu-built permanent and temporary hospitals provide immediate scalable treatment facilities, care centers and satellite sites for quick deployment – almost anywhere around the world.

The innovative and convertible design in these pre-fabricated structures allows for future conversion into social housing solutions – post pandemic.

The result? A superior solution that ensures the highest level of patient care today, while staying at the forefront of your communities future demands.


Quick Deploy System

90-day construction schedule for projects up to 800 rooms. Reduced need for subcontractors.

Built 2 Convert

The permanent structures are an investment built for conversion. Affordable housing conversion produces a stream of income over time and greatly benefits society.

Universal Electrical Integration

Outlets are designed for use on your country’s electrical grid and to suit your medical equipment requirements.

Advanced Air Filtration Technology

  • Improves the health of patients suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • Reduces the exposure to air pollutants.
  • Improves indoor air quality.
  • Enhanced odor-neutralizing capability.

Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms

  • Allows the treatment of patients with serious infectious diseases.
  • Protects medical staff from infections.
  • Helps protect the community from contamination.

Turnkey Solution

  • Hospitals can come equipped with beds and all other necessities.


“It is in Oaklu’s DNA to positively contribute to society in any way possible. We are both humbled and excited to help reverse the impact of COVID-19 across the globe. Let’s win this battle – together!”