Oaklu Energy

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Oaklu offers a full range of contracting models for project services – from development, through engineering and construction. Our expertise to deliver refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG plants, product storage tanks, complete terminal solutions, and bulk distribution infrastructure means we are well positioned to deliver energy to the world.

Oaklu’s partners include the world’s largest EPC companies and financial institutions, allowing us to fund, rapidly develop, and deliver complex multi-billion dollar global energy projects.


Bulk Distribution: Jetties & Port Infrastructure

Jetty and port infrastructure projects that can accommodate vessels of all sizes, including VLCC’s and ULCC’s, are key to increasing exports of crude oil and other petroleum products.

Oaklu is responsible for all aspects of facility design and engineering. Including mooring and loading/off-loading facilities, floating docks, bulk handling and general cargo wharfs, beach protection, slope stability, liquefaction design, evaluation of dredging requirements and techniques. This includes data gathering such as site surveys; oceanographic, bathymetric and meteorological studies; and geophysical and geotechnical investigations and much more.

Terminal System Design Capabilities
  • Automated remote product routing
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Berthing and mooring systems
  • Corrosion protection systems
  • Fire monitor systems
  • Metering systems
  • Spill control systems
  • Vapor recovery systems
  • Waste disposal systems
  • Utility systems
Coastal Engineering Services
  • Anchorage mooring system design
  • Design of shore protection structures
  • Marine facility design
  • Navigation channel design
  • Sea water intake/outfall design
  • Passing ship study
  • Calculation of wave and current force on marine structures and overtopping
  • Static and dynamic mooring analyses (Jetty, SPM and MBM)

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

Oaklu provides a full range of services from front-end design and optimization to construction and commissioning. Constructing integrated petrochemical facilities starting with basic feedstock and producing a wide array of finished products such as ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, butylene, polyester, and polyvinyl chloride.

Our clients benefit from our experience in plant utilities and off-sites, regulatory and environmental permitting requirements, capital cost estimation, equipment procurement, module fabrication, planning, scheduling, and much more.

Our Expertise:
  • Ethylene and Derivatives
  • Aromatics and Derivatives
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Biofuels
  • Methanol

Infrastructure & Power

With the global demand for major infrastructure projects on the rise. Oaklu offers a full range of contracting models for project services from development through engineering and construction for large complex projects including: Airports, Bridges, Commercial & Institutional, Heavy Civil, Offshore Wind Farms, Ports and Marine Terminals, Rail and Transit, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Thermal Power, Toll Roads, and Highways.

Oaklu brings innovative and value added solutions to the forefront at every turn to exceed our clients financial and construction objectives.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Oaklu delivers world-class LNG projects on a global scale, participating in liquefaction, floating LNG, utilities and offsites, and regasification terminals.

Our innovative approach to technical challenges allows us to deliver solutions for large-scale construction, complex logistics in remote area, and global supply needs. We do this through feasibility studies, technology evaluations, technical audits, process equipment optimization and selection, basic design, project specifications developments, permitting support, front-end engineering and design, procurement, construction, start-up assistance and maintenance support.

Our Expertise:
  • Ethylene and Derivatives
  • Aromatics and Derivatives
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Biofuels
  • Methanol


Oaklu is poised to be a global leader in integrated design, procurement, construction, and project management of: oil refineries, petrochemical plant, petroleum product distributors, retail outlets and natural gas distribution. With market leading front end engineering services, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning program, project management services for both Greenfield & Brownfield onshore oil & gas processing.

Onshore/Downstream Expertise
  • Field development and gathering
  • Oil and gas processing facilities
  • Oil refining: crude fractionation/distillation, delayed coking, lubes and wax production, sulfur removal, etc.
  • Gasification: solids and gas
  • Gas to liquids
Gasification Expertise
  • Naphtha and distillate hydrotreating
  • Gas oil hydrocracking
  • Sulphur recovery, storage and loadout
  • Integrated gasification combined cycle
  • Residue hydrocracking
  • Sour gas treating
  • Coal to transportation fuels
  • Fluid catalytic cracking
  • Sour water stripping
  • Petroleum refining
  • Catalytic reforming
  • Lube oil
  • Complete grassroots refineries
  • Alkylation
  • Atmospheric crude and vacuum distillation
  • Mercatan sulfur extraction
  • Delayed cokers and fluid coking
  • Hydrogen
  • Coal to chemicals
  • Isomerization


Oaklu has the global reach to execute a complete range of challenging pipeline projects. Delivering pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, petroleum products, slurry, water, and industrial gases. Our EPC management services for pipeline projects include feasibility studies through detailed design, permitting, construction, program management and initial operation.

Expertise in transportation of commodities
  • Crude oil – light to heavy, with diluents and sweet to sour
  • Liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs) – butane, propane and propylene
  • Natural gas – sweet as well as sour natural gas, dense phase and high pressure
  • Refined petroleum products – gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc
  • Special use gases & chemicals – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, liquid chlorine & sulfuric acid
  • Water – waste to potable, including seawater and produced water
  • Cross country pipelines
  • Pump and compressor stations
  • Gas compression, dehydration and injection facilities
  • Condensate stabilization
  • Crude storage tank systems
  • Receiving terminals

Tanks and Terminals

Tank farms are crucial in the oil & gas supply chain and access to an efficient tank storage facility is even more crucial. Oaklu brings project management, design, welding, fabrication, and construction services together for the safe delivery of quality storage tanks.

Field-Erected Storage Tank Expertise
  • Ambient storage tanks
  • Spheres and pressure vessels
  • Low-temperature and cryogenic tanks
  • LNG tanks

Oaklu provides complete terminal solutions and a thoughtful approach to our customer’s needs. For example, it is not a given that the throughput of diesel and gasoline would remain the same through the lifetime of a terminal. Therefore we recommend making tanks versatile enough to accommodate not only gasoline or diesel. Since gasoline capacity is larger than diesel capacity, gasoline tanks could be equipped and connected for diesel as well, without much cost. This is just one way that Oaklu adds value throughout the project.

Terminal Expertise
  • Bulk liquid terminals
  • LNG regasification terminals
  • LNG peak-shaving and transportation facilities

“It is in Oaklu’s DNA to positively contribute to society in any way possible. We are both humbled and excited to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.”